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As part of its system offering VTI offers the hotels to choose from two installations for moviebeam Video on Demand (VOD) service.

VOD service without HDTV:   Under this VTI provides all necessary head-end and in-room equipment for providing HD VOD service to the hotels, excluding any HDTV for the guest rooms.

VOD service with 32” HDTV:   Along with the VOD service, VTI offers hotel to upgrade TVs to 32” LCD HDTV

Specific equipment details are furnished below in the table.

Head-end Equipment*  

In-Room Equipment#

One moviebeam Media Gateway Server One Set-Top-Box (STB) for each room at the property
VSAT IDU and Dish One Cable Modem
Cable Modem Termination System ( CMTS ) One remote control to operate the STB and TV in each room
Front desk PMS Integration Machine One RG6 (Coax) cable, if required
One HDMI or AV cable

* Installation of the Head-end equipment shall be done by VTI
# Installation of In-room equipment shall be done by the hotel.

One time Charges

VTI offers complete head-end and in-room equipment installation upon payment of one time charges, but without any other upfront costs for capex. The charges include

   Registration fee per hotel
   Activation fee per room
   Logistics cost per room
   Refundable security deposit per room