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Our state of the art backend support service center provides 24x7 technical, maintenance and troubleshooting support to hotels, at each stage from pre-installation, activation to post-installation. Moviebeam provides the following as part of our support service

  Provide complete moviebeam head-end equipment installation at each hotel’s property.

  Helps setting up moviebeam’s application with the hotel’s Property Management System (PMS) for an
unrestrictive and seamless hotel service management.

  Provide necessary technical and maintenance support for all media equipments installed at the hotel.

  Provide complete training to the hotel staff upon installation and activation of the moviebeam service.

   Replace any equipment with technical defects, system failures or malfunctions.*

*This will exclude any physical damage or defect caused due to the misuse or theft of any of the media equipment which will be the sole responsibility of the hotel.