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  Hotels can advertise their in house services and attractions on the moviebeam boxes, through our
customizable user interface (UI).

  Services details and information including restaurants, health facilities, shopping arcade and other facilities can
be provided to the guests through the moviebeam STB.

   Moviebeam STB user interface allows the flexibility to run local advertisements on its STB.

   Hotels have the freedom to sell slots on the User Interface (UI) to potential advertisers or sponsors, for running
local advertisements.

   Hotels shall only pay a minimal fixed fee per slot per occupied room to VTI for selling each local advertisement
and keeps the rest of the profit to itself.

   VTI holds the exclusive rights for regional and national ads, and shall pay a fixed share to the hotel based on
the service usage.

   We provide a simple to use, predefined and customizable interface to provide information on local attractions
available in the vicinity.

   This helps the guests plan their local visits in a more organized manner.